Courtesy: Yash Mody


Just read and article on on Dhoni, Bindra and Rao getting Honarary Rank from the Indian Army. It makes me wonder what contribution one needs to make to get an Honoraray Rank from one of worlds most elite Armed Force. I guess we all know what Dhoni and Bindra have done in their field. So I went on to look for what (as I figured out later) Dr. Rao’s contribution was online and found his wiki page and that to his website

Dr. Rao is highly educated ( considering he is MBBS, MD, PhD in medicine apart from Combat related qualifications like CLET and DSc in Military Science ) and associated with the field of combat for over 17 years and the first thing I noticed that he and his wife Dr. Seema Rao had put in all these years without asking any compensation from the forces and purely as a service to the nation.

How many people would do that? Would a cricketer or a sportsman leave his field (where he is making a moolah) and enter the field of selfless service to the nation facing financial difficulties. I would leave this an open question!!