Courtesy: Undisclosed

If there was one fear that would be most common amongst all in entire mankind or animals for that matter would be the fear of losing ones life. Have you ever imagined how a soldier bravely takes a gun and goes to the border with just one motto in mind. NATION. Bravery is not absence of fear but it is a judgement that something is more important than fear. Thats when a nation can be rest assured that it’s freedom is secure. How about judgement on the part of a cricketer who takes bribes, prefers playing club cricket over playing for the nation and one who would miss practice for the sake of an ad shoot.

Or think about this. Have you seen a player get run out because of the partner and express displeasure. Think about such people and compare them to the person who is fighting for your safety day in and day out.

When I see that an honorary rank has been given to cricketers it makes me feel ashamed and angry. Despite of being a sports lover and a national level sportsman I do not feel it is justified to award ranks from Army to sportsmen. I understand the need to confer them for their effort for the nation. And they should be conferred with the highest civilian award if needed. But not a rank in the Indian Army.