While all the news channels and other media go all out showcasing the honorary rank by Indian army conferred to Dr. Rao, MS Dhoni and Abhinav Bindra my mind continued to wander in the thoughts from my article before where I saw contributions of one Dr. Seema Rao mentioned on various websites along with book covers. The unmatched feat of selfless contribution to the Indian Army that Major Dr. Rao has made for no less than 17 years is commendable because in no other country would a civilian dedicate his life to the service of the armed forces of the nation and there is one more person as a part of this crusade. After all I researched for my previous article I realized that not mentioning Dr. Seema’s work in the field of modernization of the army would belittle the meaning of my previous article.

So here I go again to bring forward my research of yesterday but this time the point of focus is not the honored but the one that should be honored.

Dr. Seema Rao and Dr. Deepak Rao on the field

Dr. Seema Rao is an MD, MBA in Crisis Management and PhD is daughter of a freedom fighter. She along with Dr. Rao has dedicated her life to the service to the nation. In a country were women are still looked upon as weaker sex and the army itself has many reservation in terms of capabilities of men and women stands a women who did not bring up a family for the sake of working for the nation. Her contributions include combat training, authoring books for the Indian defense forces and partnering with Dr. rao on all aspects of combat.

CQB training - Unarmed Combat

Dr. Seema doing a Fire Drill during training

A 7th degree black belt in military martial arts Dr. Seema rao is also a reflex shooting expert and instructor. She has been instrumental in training various chapters from the forces and the state police under the directive of the home ministry

She has won citation and awards for her contribution to the field of combat and unmatched dedication and grit she has displayed by not choosing a profession that would have brought her money and fame alike keeping in mind doctors are treated as gods in India.  She has also won word peace award from world peace congress for her work for her nation

Dr. Seema Rao

Now after finding so much information about her I wonder if just because of our systems/processes inability to appreciate a woman’s contribution to the Indian armed forces she should not be conferred with a rank. Well there is always a time to break a tradition that handicaps and start looking at things in their “suchness”.

Trophies and Citations

I hope if the state realizes that such a contribution of larger than life magnitude by a woman should be recognized and honored. And that’s where if not an honorary rank by the Indian Army, the system of honoring civilians with awards for contribution to the society be conferred upon Dr. Seema Rao